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Keyword Like A Pro

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Jeff Harmon talks through three mini-topics and then shares how to use the keywording features of Lightroom like a Pro including the Keyword Tags box, Keyword Suggestions box, and the Keyword Set box of the Keywording panel along with the Keyword List panel in the Library Module.

The three mini-topics covered:
1)Lightroom bug with macOS where panels and film strip all go black. Solution is to right click on the Lr icon in the dock, choose hide, then right click again and choose Show.
2) Jeff’s workflow for moving photos from SSD to slower storage when a shoot is done. He used to recommend doing the move inside the Library module of Lightroom but based on a recommendation from Victoria Bampton he does it using Finder or Windows Explorer outside of Lightroom to lessen chances of having problems.
3) Confirmed bug in latest release of Lightroom in version 2015.10/6.10 where it is falsely saying that the ACR (Camera Raw) feature of Photoshop is not the latest version. The message can safely be ignored and just click the Open Anyway button until it is fixed in an upcoming 2015.11/6.11 release.

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