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  1. Thank you for your article about choosing a new Mac. My LR previews stored on the internal disk of my late 2018 MacBook Pro, 15inch, retina, 2.6Ghz, Intel Core i7, is 457.19 GB. My photos are stored on external drives. The internal HD on my 2013 MacBook Pro is an OWC 1 TB (960 GB solid state PCI express drive), that I installed because my LR catalog previews had gotten so large. I’m wondering what you would recommend in terms of
    optimizing a mac upgrade? LR is running, but fairly slowly, and I have begun to be interested in some complex processing of composites and combining multiple exposures in PS. I actually do go back and re-process older images, so I am reluctant to discard my previews. also, i do not create smart previews. this is my only computer, and i run two NEC monitors with it. I do not want to get an iMac, because I need to transport this computer between two homes.
    Thanks for any help you might provide.

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