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Retreat 2017 Top 10

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Jeff Harmon share the top 10 things he learned during the 2017 Improve Photography Retreat.

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Top Ten from IP Retreat 2017:
1. Not a “relaxing” vacation, exhausting, yet amazing
2. So much fun to be around a lot of photographers-share interest of photography-nerd out together
3. Fail upwards-embrace the experience of “failing”=learning
4. Room to learn more about the exposure triangle for everyone from beginners to level 3-4 or higher
5. Trying other genres of photography will stretch your skills
6. Helping other photographers is so fulfilling and fun
7. My gear is heavy I found out as I dragged it around for 4 days and nights through downtown Phoenix, deserts full of cactus, hiking up mountains,dragging it through hotel lobbies/rooms/crowded elevators, convention rooms, restaurants, and transporting it in the car
8. Sharing and asking for feedback on your work with others can be uncomfortable, but will help you improve your photography
9. Add depth to your photo
9A. Pay attention to your contrast in your photos-look for ways to add depth to your photo on the screen
9B. Notice the saturation on the photo. Too much-no good, too little makes it look flat
10. Improve photography is a group of people who have formed a community to assist each other in improving as photographers. You can’t find that everywhere.
11. Learned so much at this conference to improve the conference to be even better next year. Looking forward to seeing you in Charleston in 2018.

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