How To Get Rid Of Black Bars On The Sides Using Canon EOS Webcam Utility

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If you are getting black bars on the left and right of your video when using Canon’s EOS Webcam Utility, there are two simple things that will fix it.

All of use want to use our nice DSLR (and now mirrorless) Canon cameras to get higher quality video on our online conference calls. What can you do if you are getting small black bars on the right and left side of your video?

To get rid of the black bars on the sides of the video when using the EOS Webcam Utility:

  1. Make sure you have rebooted your computer after installing the EOS Webcam Utility
  2. Make sure the start/stop switch is set to the red movie icon and not the camera icon

As soon as you change the start/stop switch to the the red movie icon the black bars should go away. I could even switch between the two and see the black bars being there and gone in real time as I switched back and forth.

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  1. No I don’t think it works with the EOS Rebel T3I camera even I did both reboot and switch to Video instead of camera mode.. I wonder if it works with the T8I?

  2. I tried this with the 5dMkiii and it did not work. I wasn’t getting bars so much as an entire black frame around my video.

    1. Author


      Did you restart your computer after installing EOS web utility? What software are you using with the webcam?

  3. I did the restart and reinstalled it too but neither have worked for zoom

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