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Hyperfocal Distance Explained!

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Jeff Harmon explains aperture, depth of field, and hyperfocal distance as well as why hyperfocal distance is a concept EVERY photographer should understand regardless of what type of photography they do.

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  1. Jeff

    Great Podcast of Hyperfocal shooting! I listened numerous times to make sure I understood everything!

    Question; I shoot interior real estate shots with lots of windows. I have always herd that F16 was the optional F stop for capturing the high end of the dynamic range. Given the advantages of using hyperfocal distance when shooting, what are you thoughts about shooting wide open (Tokina 12-28 with F4). The hyperfocal setting should keep everything needed in focus with the advantage of getting maximum light to avoid noise. Processing in Photomatix Pro.

    Any help would be appreciasted

    1. @Bob, thanks so much for listening!

      Aperture only impacts dynamic range in that it can limit how much light is reaching the sensor. It is increasing ISO that negatively impacts dynamic range so I agree that opening up the aperture to let in more light and keeping ISO down is better. So long as you can keep everything acceptably sharp for your purposes.

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