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Instagram Like A Pro

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Jeff Harmon gets expert advice from Instagrammer Josh Packer (@packtography) on how to grow your Instagram account. Within a couple of year Josh has grown his following to better than 50,000 without following many people.

They walk through the following questions and more in the episode:

How did you build up the following you have today?

With only 385 posts on your @packtopgraphy account, and seeing how often you post to it since I am one of those thousands of followers, it can’t be very old?

What was your original goal when you started your IG accounts?

Has it led to clients for your photography?

How much time do you spend on IG?

Do you use any tools to post?

Do you think the name of the account is important to getting followers?

Is it important to keep a small number of following compared to followers?

Do certain types of photos seem to do better than others?

Have you run contests to expand your following?

Do hastags make a difference on expanding your following?

What is your strategy with hashtags?

Do you use a tool for your hastagging?

My own following is only at about 1,000 right now, BTW everyone can follow me @harmonjeff and the official account for the podcast @phototacopodcast, but I have two goals for IG and would like to hear your advice on how to get there because I think listeners will have a similar situation

I want to bring attention to this podcast
I want to market my landscape photography to people who want to buy landscape scenes from Utah

You seem to be using the Story feature on IG quite a bit, have you seen that help expand your audience?

What do you think of the new feature that let’s you post up to 10 photos at once?

Are you having similar success with other forms of social media other than IG?

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