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Luminar Vs Lightroom

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Jeff Harmon goes over 10 observations he has made comparing the new Luminar software from MacPhun with the old market leader in Adobe Lightrooom.

1. Non-live histogram
2. Layers Concept
3. Eraser tool (spot removal)
4. Deniose tool (noise reduction)
5. Filters
6. Presets
7. Before/After views
8. Saving
9. Overall speed
10. Pricing

Jeff LOVES where MacPhun is going with Luminar and thinks they already have a very feature rich post-processing application here. However, the recommendation for photographers starting here in February 2017 is Lightroom. Start with the stand-alone version of Lightroom for $150 and master it. When you get to the point where you need to do something with a photo that can’t be done in Lightroom then go to the Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers subscription for $10/mo.

Keep an eye on MacPhun and their Luminar product though because they are thinking about things differently, have a newer code base to work from, and they are going places fast enough Jeff could easily see Luminar becoming his recommendation for photographers just getting started.

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