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SAU Q1 2018 and Memory Card Hygiene

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Jeff Harmon provides go/no go on the State of Adobe Updates Q1 2018. The he outlines 8 steps of good hygiene for memory cards:

1) Turn off Camera
2) Wait for 5 seconds
3) Carefully remove card and put it in a card reader
4) Use a GOOD card reader
5) Copy the photos to the computer using Finder on Mac or Explorer on Windows, not Lightroom
6) Copy the photos to another place besides the hard drive you just did
7) Eject the memory card using Finder or Explorer before physically removing it from the card reader
8) Carefully remove the card from the reader, put it in the camera, and format the card using the camera.


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  1. Great episode. 2 questions:
    1. You me ntion formatting card immediately after putting it back in the camera. Is it bad to continue to take more pictures without this step? I tend to prefer to keep pix on the card until it gets closer to being full as this can take a while for me.
    2. I am working with two separate cameras. Can the cards go back and forth between camera? Should it be formatted each time it goes to new camera?

    1. @Andy,

      So sorry it has taken me so long to reply. I didn’t notice your comment until today.

      1) Not required, no. You can keep your old photos on there and keep shooting if you like. Some use this as a backup strategy of sorts. Not something I like, having to try and remember which photos I unloaded to the computer and which I haven’t, but is organizaitonal reasons I prefer to empty it every time rather than something technical. Really the point about formatting is not to do it in your computer. You camera wants it formatted a specific way and it will do better to use the camera. If you format it in the computer it is just a little more writing to the card that you don’t need to do and wears it out a tad bit earlier, but even that is really kind of splitting hairs.
      2) Using it between to different cameras may be a bit more difficult on the card. The cameras really prefer that you format the card in the camera so that it can setup everything on the card the way it wants it. Even if your are using the same manufacturer and just a different model, they tend to do things a little differently. I would suggest getting another memory card and avoiding this.

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