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Shooting A Solar Eclipse

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Jeff Harmon is joined by Brent Bergherm to talk about shooting a solar eclipse. For the first time since 1979 a total solar eclipse will be visible from locations across the continental United States and Jeff goes over 6 questions with Brent about how a photographer can prepare now to be ready to capture such an event:

1) What is the event, when is it happening, where is the best place to see it?
2) What can photographers do with the gear they likely already have to get a good shot?
3) For those who want to do all they can to capture this solar eclipse what kind of gear can they rent to do that?
4) What are the basic settings to start with as they go into this shot? (shutter speed 1/640, aperture f/11, ISO 400)
5) If a photographer wants to get something more than just the eclipsed sun and combine some foreground elements can they do that in a single shot or will it require compositing?
6) What are the dangers of doing this kind of shooting for both the photographer and the gear?

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