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When is it Time to Upgrade Your Camera?

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Jeff Harmon answers a question from listener Melanie Rice who on the Facebook page asked:

Question about upgrading equipment: Started 10 years ago with a Canon 30D. Upgraded to Canon 60D 3 years ago when photography played a bigger role in my graphic design business. Now photography is becoming my main focus – mainly stock images, fashion and real estate. Is it time to upgrade again? If so, to what? Can you help me understand the different camera bodies and their main features that set them apart from each other? How do I know for sure what I need? Will all my old lenses be too “intermediate” for a newer, better camera body, or does that not come into play? Thank you for the time and consideration

Jeff, who is asked this same question almost weekly and faces this question himself as a Canon 7D2 shooter, offers his recommendation on 3 things to consider before making the significant leap to full frame:

1) Master the camera you have!
2) Glass may be a bigger benefit
3) Technique

Most photographers asking this question about upgrading have not done any of those three things, especially the 3rd option to improve their technique by investing the money they would have spent on a camera body in a workshop, video training, or a professional portfolio review.

If the thought is to upgrade from an older crop sensor body to a newer crop sensor body then the advice remains the same with those three things probably doing more for your photography than the newer body. Though there is the potential that a newer crop body will provide a feature or option that could make a difference, like the Autofocus Micro Adjustment (AFMA) feature. Use google to help you figure out the feature differences and then determine if those features will actually help you.

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