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Welcome [back] to the NEW Feed!

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Thank You!

I hope it is why you are here, but this isn’t a post for a Photo Taco podcast episode.  This is a thank you to all you wonderful listeners.  So glad you have stuck with me as we transitioned things over to the Master Photography Network and this brand new website where you will find all things Photo Taco.

We had so much to figure out when the Master Photography team took over the podcast network from Improve Photography, so please forgive us if there are a few technical glitches along the way.  We couldn’t let the cat out of the bag, so the Master Photography team had to make some choices and we hope it will work out well for the majority of you listeners.  We had 3 main goals for this transition:

  1. Separate Podcasts for Each Show: The team thought the listeners liked it best when there were separate feeds for each show so we wanted to split them all out again like we had it nearly a year ago (late 2017).
  2. No Re-Subscribe: Everyone is so busy and we are so glad you took the time to subscribe to show(s) the first time, we didn’t want to make you have to do it again.  Apple doesn’t make this very easy but we hope it works out that we can make this transition work without you having to re-subscribe.  Unless you already un-subscribed to the Photo Taco podcast, in which case I would really love it if you would subscribe again!
  3. No Re-Download: It may only have been a small nuisance, but we value your as a listener so much we didn’t want to have your podcatcher be confused by a new feed and have it re-download a bunch of episodes you listened to before the switch.  We did want to make sure the back catalog of episodes was available, but it was important to us your podcatcher recognized they are not new episodes just because they are coming from a new place.  I researched for hours to figure out how to make it happen and we sure hope it all worked the way it should. There are 10 shows that were never on the Photo Taco feed so those will be seen as new.

Thanks again for coming with me to the new Photo Taco Podcast website.  I have a lot of plans for the podcast and I hope you will stick with me for the ride!

Jeff Harmon
Host of the Photo Taco Podcast

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