Adjustment Syncing and Selection in Lightroom

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Jeff Harmon answers a listener question about how it is that adjustment syncing between two or more photos should work in Lightroom.  He describes some important details about how photo selections work, the role of the “active” photo in selections and adjustment syncing, and some reasons why it may be that adjustment syncing may fail.

SOAU: Lightroom 7.3.1 Fixes Catalog Backup Bugs

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What is SOAU? If you are new to the blog and the Photo Taco podcast you wouldn’t know that SOAU stands for State of Adobe Updates.  I do podcast episodes with SOAU and occasionally a blog post here and there when there is something I want to make sure readers/listeners know about.  I HIGHLY recommend that if your business relies …

Lightroom 7.3 Profiles Explained!

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Jeff walks through a revamp of the profiles feature in the release of Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 and Camera Raw 10.3.  Even though profiles have been around for nearly 20 years, Adobe made a lot of changes to them in this release.  Jeff walks through: There are now two types of profiles.  Camera-specific and creative. Let’s dig into each type …

Welcome [back] to the NEW Feed!

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Thank You! I hope it is why you are here, but this isn’t a post for a Photo Taco podcast episode.  This is a thank you to all you wonderful listeners.  So glad you have stuck with me as we transitioned things over to the Master Photography Network and this brand new website where you will find all things Photo …

Lr Embedded Preview Workflow

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Jeff Harmon walks through how to significantly speed up you culling process in Lightroom by using the Embedded Preview workflow: Disable background processes (pause syncing to Lr CC, pause addresses lookup, pause face detection) Set critical preferences (Camera Raw Cache at least 50GB, enable “Use Smart Previews instead of Originals for Image Editing”, enabled Generate Previews in Parallel if you …

Online Backup

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Jim Goldstein, from cloud backup provider Backblaze, comes on to talk with Jeff about 7 important questions photographers should have about backing up their photos and Lightroom catalog to the cloud: 1) How can a cloud backup provider help with the “1” of the “3-2-1” backup strategy? 2) Does adding an external hard drive change how cloud backup providers can …

AFMA Revisited

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Jeff Harmon revisits one of the most popular Photo Taco topics ever published and talks about his experience doing Autofocus Micro Adjustment (AFMA) tuning over a 5 month period. There are things he has learned that are important for portrait photographers to understand. Resources Mentioned: Photo Taco AMFA Explained! : Other Photo Taco Resources: Vote for Jeff’s “Cull” module …

Photographic Dynamic Range

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Jeff Harmon talks with Bill Claff about his Photographic Dynamic Range testing and math that can be seen on his website. Jeff goes over the following questions with Bill: 1) Who is Bill Claff and what do you do with photography? 2) What is the story or background of your excellent website? Why did you create it? 3)You …